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Erasmus Thesis Project 2024

Are you a bachelor-3 student writing your thesis at Erasmus School of Economics? Join the Erasmus Thesis Project 2024 (ETP) and get help with writing your thesis! In addition, you can hand in your thesis in the end and win up to 200€!


What is ETP?

The Erasmus Thesis Project is an annual series of events and workshops designed to help bachelor 3 students at ESE, designed to help and guide students in writing their Bachelor thesis at Erasmus School of Economics. To do so, we will organize several workshops/events for you, so that you can get the most out of your thesis:

  • Kick-Off: How to write a thesis (May 6th, 14:00). We will kick off the Erasmus Thesis Project with a lecture in which dr. Anne Boring will provide some tips, point out commonly made mistakes, and discuss how to improve your thesis.
    This event is also open to Master students. 

  • STATA Workshop (May 23rd, 13:00). A Master student and employee at the Erasmus Centre for Data Analytics will host a workshop for students working on an empirical thesis about using STATA. You will be given tips and tricks on how to use STATA. There will also be a Q&A session where students can ask questions about STATA and their own thesis/dataset. You can sign up for this event now using the form below
    This event is also open to Master students. 

  • Feedback Session (June). Here, you can present your thesis progress to one or two Professors, who will provide you with feedback and useful insights on how to proceed. Note that it is not required for you to have your final results yet. You can get feedback for your methodology for example! ​Only bachelor 3 students with a Major in General Economics (Policy Economics, International Economics and Economics of Markets and Organizations) can participate.


  • ETP Thesis Competition (Deadline to be announced). Hand in your thesis for a contest for the best thesis in economics! The three best theses will be awarded €200, €100, and €50 for respectively 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! The ceremony will be held in September. 

With all these activities we hope to provide you all the support you need for writing your thesis and we hope that you’ll stay on track and finish your thesis on time!


How to participate 

Participation is free. Please note that anyone is welcome to sign up for the Kick-Off lecture and the STATA workshop, but the Feedback Session and the ETP Thesis Competition is only open for students writing their thesis in the general field of economics (related to the EMO, Policy Economics or International Economics seminars).


To participate in the ETP Thesis Competition is very simple. Simply send your thesis in pdf-format to Do not forget to mention which Major and Seminar you followed and who your thesis supervisor is!


The deadline for handing in your thesis will be announced soon! 


The winners will receive their prize during a celebration in September.

Sign up for the STATA Workshop

Thank you for signing up! 

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