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It's 2030: Do you remember when YOU made a real impact on your friends' lives?

You're in the right city.
You're at the right university.
Now JOIN the right team.

Joining an AEclipse committee allows you to make an impact on your friends' careers, bring them together by organising social or academic events, manage our social media, or play a role in organising the International Research Project. Find everything you need to know about our different committees for the Academic year 2023-2024 below, and apply for our committees here.


As a member of the IRP committee, you will be responsible for creating and leading a research project in a developing country. In the second semester, your committee will recruit additional research consultants with whom you will perform desk and field research relevant to your research topic. And yes - field research also entails that your team will organize a 2-week trip to gather data in the country in question!

You will:

  • Undertake meaningful research in the area of development/policy economics

  • Lead a team of about 10-15 research consultants

  • Take care of the entire planning process, such as the financials and logistics

  • Influence the program of the trip and be responsible for it

  • Write a report about the research

  • Organize events related to development economics at the university

  • Plan additional fun social activities 

Within the committee, you will have the opportunity to take on a variety of roles, including Research Manager, where you will lead and oversee individual research teams; Field Trip Manager, where you will be actively involved in organizing and planning the study trip; and Team Building and Marketing Officer, responsible for organizing events and managing social media. The committee work will take 10-12 hours per week. Interested? Reach out to Carla, our Development Economics Commissioner

or send an e-mail to

As part of the External Committee, you will take care of:

  • Establishing partnerships with many influential companies and organizations

  • Setting up in-house days with big companies and public sector institutions

  • Organizing guest lectures and career-oriented events

  • Maintaining good relationships with staff at Erasmus University, as you collaborate on official recruitment events on campus

The committee will take you around 3-4 hours per week. If you want to know more about the External Committee or if have any other questions, please send an e-mail to Johann, our Commissioner of External Affairs or send an e-mail to


Member of the Academic Committee will be tasked with:

  • Planning educational events with esteemed speakers

  • Arranging exciting social events for AEclipse members

  • Organizing the National Economics Olympiad (NEO): 

    • Selecting a speaker for the keynote lecture

    • Contacting academics and economists to participate in the event

    • Finding corporate sponsors

    • Assisting in event promotion with the Marketing Committee


Members of the Academic Committee get to expand their network among economists and businesses through the organization of events. They will also get the opportunity to be responsible for planning their own events.

Committee work takes approximately 3-6 hours per week. This time will vary depending on if there is an upcoming event. If you have any further questions, please contact Ankita, our Commissioner of Academic Affairs or send an e-mail to


Would you like to use your creative skills to reach our members, alumni and partners? The Marketing Committee plays a key role in maintaining and further improving the brand image of the association. 


As a member of this committee, you take care of:

  • The marketing of all kinds of events to students

  • Writing blog posts and conducting interesting interviews with professors and alumni 

  • Creating new designs and promotional materials

  • Keeping our website and social media up to date

  • Analyzing our past events to improve our upcoming events 

The committee will take you approximately 3-4 hours a week. However, keep in mind that the workload varies throughout the year. In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lisa, our Vice President & Secretary or send an e-mail to


AEclipse organizes the yearly Erasmus Thesis Project (ETP), a prestigious thesis competition for bachelor students at ESE. In cooperation with the Department of Economics, we guide final-year bachelor students in the process of writing a high-quality thesis. At the final ceremony in Rotterdam’s beautiful city hall, the best thesis is rewarded with a monetary prize and the everlasting honour of writing the best Economics thesis of the year.

The project starts around April and ends in September, though the committee begins organizing the project in September.

The committee members are responsible for:

  • Organizing the workshops, pub lectures, and the final ceremony

  • Contacting external parties

  • Promoting the project among students in close collaboration with the Marketing Committe


The committee work will take 1-3 hours per week. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to David, our Treasurer or send an e-mail to

As part of the Social Events Committee, you will help create a community among our students. You will organize social events, such as after-exams drinks, sports and games activities, board and committee bonding events and last but not least, our annual city trip within Europe. 


You will get involved with the following:

  • Coming up with a fun and exciting set of social activities; 

  • Planning out the logistics and working with a budget;

  • Deciding on the destination and planning our 4-day long trip;

  • and much more.

It is a unique opportunity to develop soft and organizational skills and to interact in a more relaxed environment, while discovering new places and cultures. The committee will take you approximately 3-4 hours a week. Do not miss out! :)


Do you want to know more about this committee or AEclipse in general? Do not hesitate to contact our Commissioner of Social Affairs or send an e-mail to

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