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join the 26th board of AEclipse

Be the future of the association!

Who we are

Becoming a board member is an opportunity to have an impact on students' experiences while growing personally and developing valuable social and professional skills. Our goal is to offer great value to students and partners alike through our events and our network. We work to build a strong community of like-minded people and facilitate the student journey during their studies and further. 

  • Be part of a board of 6 members

  • The positions are all part-time - which means that you can continue your studies besides it!

  • Coordinate a committee of active members

  • Organize academic, professional or social events 

  • Meet new people and build a community!

What a board year at AEclipse is like

Why apply?


Besides contributing to your fellow students' study experience, a board year teaches you many valuable skills, both on a social and a professional level. Board positions involve responsibilities for large events and coordination of committees, which gets you out of your comfort zone and prepares you for your future. Among others, you will improve your networking and presentation skills, practice people and time management, and get managerial work experience. Board positions also come with great flexibility to focus on what you want to develop and the freedom to organize events you are passionate about!


Meet a lot of people from many different backgrounds, get in touch with interesting companies and university representatives, and practice your networking skills


As a board member, you will face responsibilities and challenges you are not used to. This will allow you do develop management skills that will help you thrive in the future!


With great responsibility also comes great freedom to engage in projects you're interested in and focus on what you want to develop


Above all, being part of the board is fun! Take part in social events, meet the active members and get close to your board. Make friends and enjoy all the pro's of a board year!


"Being a Treasurer in the board of AEclipse taught me to plan in the long-term and execute a strategy. For an impatient person like myself, it was quite a learning curve" - Armands, Treasurer 2020-2021

"AEclipse has offered me the opportunity to expand my network and work on my leadership skills"
                                                                                  - Dascha, Commissioner of External Activities 2020-2021

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What can you apply for?


Lead and oversee the board and the association as a whole, be the face of AEclipse and support the rest of the board

Vice-president and secretary

Coordinate the marketing of AEclipse, be the main contact point for students and support the president


Handle all money matters, oversee the financial health and budget of the association and be in charge of the Erasmus Thesis Project

Commissioner of External Affairs

Lead the external committee, organize events with diverse companies and be the external face of the association 

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Lead the internal committee, organize academic and social events among which the National Economics Olympiad 

Commissioner of Development Economics

Organize the International Research Project and lead a large team to research timely issues in developing countries

Our board information evening took place on the 15th of April. We presented the different positions, what a board year looks like and the things to consider when applying. Did you miss the info evening? You can find the slides here:

Do you want to hear more?

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​Book a board chat! Board chats are informal chats with one current board member so you can ask your questions or get to know a specific position. We can talk to you about what you can expect, what is expected of you and our experiences with this board year! If you are interested in a specific position, you can directly register for a chat with the corresponding board member. These (online) meetings come without any obligations. All the current board members are more than happy to talk with you and help you with your decision!

Do you have specific questions?

Are you convinced?

Apply now!

To apply, you will need a motivation letter, your CV and an idea of the positions you would like to apply for. The application process consists of a review of your application and an interview with one or more current board members. We are looking forward to meeting you there!

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