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IRP 2024 is committed to foster sustainable development and resilience within Namibia's farming communities.

About Us

Uniting Erasmus' Students for Impactful Research

Each year, AEclipse organizes the International Research Project (IRP). The goal of the IRP is to combine the knowledge of Erasmus School of Economics most excellent students to conduct an impactful research project. The researchers are a group of master students from an interdisciplinary professional and academic background, specialised and experienced in risk management, consulting, sustainable finance, and policy economics. The aim of the project is to add value for our partner and contribute meaningful insights to the field of economics and sustainable development in a broader sense. The research project runs for 5 months, starting in January and ending in June.

Desert Nature

This Years Research Project

This year, we’re conducting a research project on the compounded effects of the conflict-induced fertilizer crisis on agricultural productivity in Namibia alongside its existing challenges of poverty. The goal is to build long-term strategies and recommendations to fortify food security and reduce vulnerability to external disruptions and develop actionable policy suggestions to mitigate socio- economic impacts. As part of the project, the research team is flying to Namibia to complement theoretical research with survey data regarding producer and stakeholder concerns about policies.

Meet The Team

Work With Us

AEclipse's IRP offers its business partners the opportunity to market their company to a wide field of students and companies in the field of sustainability. In addition, it is an ideal contact to highly talented future Master graduates.

The AEclipse IRP organises various activities, including symposia, guest lectures and company visits which are all linked to sustainable development, the research partner and other business partners . These symposia create an opportunity for you as a potential partner to present your company to a broad audience of master students.

For business enquiries, please reach out to:

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