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Terms and Conditions: Membership  


If you become a member of the Academic Study Association AEclipse, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Only students studying at the Erasmus School of Economics of the Erasmus University Rotterdam can become a member of the Academic Study Association AEclipse unless decided otherwise by the board.

  2. A membership term starts on September 1st and ends August 31st.

  3. A member of the Academic Study Association AEclipse contributes a yearly membership fee of €5.

  4. Members of the Academic Study Association AEclipse receive many benefits. These include but are not limited to a possibility to join activities the association organizes (often for free or for a better price than non-members), the possibility to join committees and the possibility to apply for a board position. Furthermore, members receive the newsletter and a copy of the association’s magazine.

  5. Membership is automatically extended every year on the 1st of September. If a member would like to end his or her membership, this must be done with the observance of the statutory term of notice, i.e. before the 1st of August by sending an email to info@aeclipse.nl. If a member does not unsubscribe before this date, the membership will automatically be extended for another year. After the 1st of August, it is only possible to unsubscribe for the term following the new term that starts on September 1st and consequently the contribution for the new membership term is due.

  6. Ending studies at the Erasmus School of Economics of Erasmus University Rotterdam does not automatically end a membership at Academic Study Association AEclipse. It is a person’s own responsibility to unsubscribe. If he or she fails to do so, the membership will automatically be extended.



Privacy statement: Use of data


We want to stress the fact that we handle your personal data carefully.  We need your data (name, address, e-mail, and IBAN) for different reasons, which contain getting in contact with you, keeping you updated about the events and activities of the Study Association AEclipse, and collecting money from your account for contribution.

We keep your data safe in our Member Document, which includes all data from all current members. Your data is not shared with any third parties and used exclusively for the purposes of the Study Association.

Only two people from the board have access to your data: secretary and treasurer. The secretary keeps track of the Member Document and uses your e-mail address on different occasions, such as sending you newsletters or inviting you to events. The treasurer manages the bank account details in order to write off the money of your account in terms of membership fees. Secretary and Treasurer are held responsible for your data, and available for any questions regarding your privacy.

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