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Board Positions 


As President of the Board, you will be responsible for leading the board and the association as a whole. This includes coordinating board activities and meetings, representing the association, and developing a long-term strategy for AEclipse. You also support other board members where needed and ensure that positive group dynamics are facilitated among all committees. As the face of the association, the President represents AEclipse to outside partners, AElumni, other associations and the university. The President is also responsible for maintaining the alumni community and organising the 'AElumni Day' to bring past and current students in touch with each other. You will practice leadership skills, build a network of driven students and learn how to interact with stakeholders of any kind.


Current President:   Antoine

Vice President & Secretary

As Vice President and Secretary you will be mainly responsible for the marketing of the association as well as for its administration. This includes designing marketing materials for events, managing AEclipse's social media channels and keeping the website up to date. Hence, you will come up with and implement the marketing strategy, think of the best ways to market upcoming events, and coordinate the marketing committee. In addition, you are the first contact point for students and oversee AEclipse's communication channels. You will also be handling membership administration and other administrative matters. In the role as Vice President, you will also assist the president in their tasks when needed. 


Current Vice-President                  and Secretary: Lisa


As treasurer, you will manage all the money of the association and ensure that AEclipse is in a stable financial position. At the beginning of the year, you will create a budget according to all the plans of your fellow board members - this means aligning the expected income with the expected expenses of the events. Besides that, you are also the supervisor of the Erasmus Thesis Project (ETP) committee where AEclipse helps bachelor-3 students with their thesis through lectures and workshops. Moreover, a monetary prize is awarded to the three best theses during the final ceremony of ETP. 


Current Treasurer: David

Commissioner of External Affairs

The Commissioner of External Affairs is responsible for setting up collaborations and organising events with external parties. For example, you get into contact with economic consultancy companies and organisations like Dutch ministries. You organise workshops, company presentations, the annual Brussels Trip and networking events. The Commissioner of External Affairs is tasked with communication with these companies and takes care of AEclipse's sponsorships. You will also be coordinating the External Committee, which will second you in the organisation of the Economist Week and all other professional events AEclipse hosts!


Current Commissioner of           External Affairs: Johann

Commissioner of Academic Affairs

The Commissioner of Internal Affairs is responsible for AEclipse's Academic events. There is quite some flexibility regarding the king of events you can host and this allows room for a lot of creativity. In general, this includes academic events such as guest lectures, panel discussions and conferences. In recent years we have worked on expanding our flagship events such as the National Economic Olympiad (this year was our biggest one yet, with over 100 students participating). We have also actively worked on strengthening our ties with other associations by providing a debate workshop program for bachelors students at ESE along with the Erasmus debating society (EDS). The possibilities are endless. In addition you also have the opportunity to pick and lead your own committee for academic affairs thereby enhancing your leadership skills. If you have exciting ideas, want to make a change and provide something meaningful to your fellow students, we encourage you to apply.


Current Commissioner of            Internal Affairs: Ankita

Commissioner of Development Economics

The Commissioner of Development Economics coordinates AEclipe's flagship event, the International Research Project. Within the International Research Project, a team of highly motivated and talented master students conducts research into a relevant topic for a developing economy, commissioned by a partner such as a local NGO. The project usually culminates with a trip to the country the research is about. Hence, the Commissioner of Development Economics coordinates the International Research Project Committee and the team of student consultants and is tasked with making sure the desk research and the trip run smoothly.


Current Commissioner of                Development Economics: Carla

Commissioner of Social Affairs

The Commissioner of Social Affairs is the head of the Social Events Committee. Its mission relies on creating a community among our students by organizing fun and unique activities, such as social gatherings, outdoor sports sessions, bonding events, the annual city trip abroad, the end-year party, ‘AD Hoc events,’ and more!
Taking part in this challenge is an incredible opportunity to develop leadership and soft skills, get in touch with and learn from people with different backgrounds, and increase networking.
If you are eager to see your events taking form and want to trigger valuable relationships among students, this opportunity is for you! 
Do not hesitate to apply or contact Ha Anh, the current Commissioner of Social Affairs.


Current Commissioner of           Social Activities: Ha Anh

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