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Are you finished with your master and would you like to stay in touch with your fellow students of International Economics, Policy Economics and Economics of Markets and Organisations?

Then you should join the AEclipse AElumni network! Like this you can stay connected with AEclipse and with the students of your year! To stay in touch, become a member of our LinkedIn AEclipse LinkedIn group.

Next to our general AEclipse group, we also have groups for each graduating year. Feel free to share interesting links, events around the city and outside, job suggestions, and any other valuable or entertaining info!

You can find your group below:

Graduate class of 2013/2014

Graduate class of 2014/2015

Graduate class of 2015/2016

Graduate class of 2017/2018

Graduate class of 2018/2019

Graduate class of 2019/2020

Graduate class of 2020/2021

Graduate class of 2021/2022

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