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About AEclipse

General Information

AEclipse is the study association for pre-master and master students of Erasmus School of Economics. This includes the master programs International Economics, Policy Economics, Economics of Sustainability, and Economics of Markets and Organisations, as well as the Pre-Master in Economics and Business.

Since our founding on August 23rd, 1996 we have been committed to offering great value to our members through a variety of activities and events. This focus has allowed us to grow to around 450 members, making us one of the largest study associations for masters students at Erasmus University.

Core Values

Throughout its existence, AEclipse has consistently offered great value to members and partners alike, and we are committed to continuing this in the future. 

We offer a balanced variety of other events, ranging from professional to social and/or academic.

A great example is our International Research Project (IRP), in which a group of students visits a developing country to perform research on various topics related to international/policy economics.

Many of our events are organized in close harmony with Erasmus School of Economics. A great example of this is the prestigious National Economics Olympiad (NEO) or the Erasmus Thesis Project (ETP), which is organized in close cooperation with ESE professors. 


Additionally, we organize other academic events for our members, such as guest lectures and debates on current topics.

At the same time, AEclipse is dedicated to providing excellent professional opportunities to our members together with our many partners. Because of these relationships, we are able to offer varied and interesting in-house days and internship opportunities for students.

Do you want to know more about AEclipse or join us?

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