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The 27th Board


My name is Amrita Naik Nimbalkar and I’m the current President of the 27th Board of AEclipse. I’m 24, from India, and now pursuing the Master’s in Policy Economics at Erasmus School of Economics. After moving to the Netherlands more than a year ago, I find myself still exploring and loving this country a little more each passing day. Het is gezellig!
As the President, I am responsible for the administrative tasks, representing the association, and envisioning the long term strategy for AEclipse. As we take on from such a competent Board, we strive to carry forward and enrich the overall experience of our Master students and develop interpersonal relationships on the way. What drew me to AEclipse the most was how approachable everyone is and how enthusiastically they work, and I hope to continue that in our term.
I am thrilled to be working alongside such a diverse and motivating team, who make this experience gratifying and so much more fun. I look forward to meeting and working with more such people throughout this year and I am beyond excited to see what this year holds for each of us!


Naik Nimbalkar

"Hi there!
My name is Felix and I am the Vice-President and Secretary of AEclipse. After my Bachelor in Germany, I came to Rotterdam to pursue a Pre-Master and my master. 


Being a board member at AEclipse is a great chance to take on a new responsibility, get to know great people, and organize a lot of events which will bring added value to the students at ESE. 

My position basically consists of being the first point of contact with students and other associations, as well as running our social media channels and keeping the website up-to-date. Together with my committee, I make sure that all the great events my fellow board members organize can get the necessary exposure. In my free time, I enjoy playing tennis, or exploring the great city of Rotterdam.

All in all, I am looking forward to seeing which events we will be able to set up this year at AEclipse, and to get to know all of you!"

Vice President & Secretary

Felix Hermann

Unbenannt (1).jpg
Henri .heic

My name is Henri Heikkonen. I come from Finland and I’m the treasurer of the 27th board of AEclipse. Before coming to Rotterdam to do my Master’s in Policy Economics I did my bachelor’s dergee in Economics and Business Economics in University of Groningen here in the Netherlands.
My main role in AEclipse is to ensure our association can reach the goals set for the year by planning and managing our budget. In addition to taking care of the money, I am responsible for the Erasmus Thesis Project (ETP), where together with the ETP committee, I help third year bachelor students to succeed in their bachelor thesis.
With the team I’m proud to be a part of, I will try to make sure all our members can take the most out of this year, whether their aim is to develop their skills, increase their network, meet their future employers or just to have fun."


Henri Heikkonen

I am Francesco Aliotta, 24 years old from Italy and I am this year’s Commissioner of External Affairs at AEclipse. After I completed my bachelor in Business & Management at SAA in Turin last summer I moved to Rotterdam to pursue a master in Financial Economics at ESE. 
After a life full of experiences related to events, I decided to join the 27th AEclipse Board as soon as I had the opportunity. As the Commissioner of External Affairs, me and my committee are in charge of setting up collaborations with interesting firms operating in diverse fields  to organise workshops, in-house days and lectures. Through these events, we hope to inform our students about potential career opportunities and to give them the opportunity to network and maybe meet their future employer. 

The most important goal for me and my Team is to show students what is possible to achieve in the challenging world we are going to work in, discover new opportunities together and create the perfect mix with national and international possibilities, smaller and multinational firms so every student can develop their personal and professional opinion with us."

Commissioner of External Affairs

Francesco Aliotta


"Hi there!

I’m Sruthi Ramesh, this year’s Academic commissioner for AEclipse. I am a Chartered Accountant from India, and am currently doing my masters in Financial Economics here at ESE. 

The above sentence looks sombre, but I promise you, I’m anything but that! When I’m not obsessing over the latest Greek/ Indian mythology book, I like to spend time participating in debates, trying out a new recipe or bringing out my acrylics!

One of the things I love about my job at AEclipse is its freedom in being creative. We have a range of events, from the National economics olympiad where the best of minds battle, to the debate workshop cycle where students improve their communication and soft skills!

Enough about me, let's talk about you :)

Do you have ideas that you would like to see implemented? Do you have pressing thoughts on academic, social or sustainability issues? Or do you just have a random topic you would like to pick my brain on? Hit me up on my email: 
There is nothing I like better than brainstorming over a cup(s) of coffee!

Commissioner of Academiy Affairs

Sruthi Ramesh


I am Gilles Van Cappellen and for the 27th board of AEclipse I am the Commissioner of Development Economics. This entails that I am leading the “2023 International research project” where we will analyse the potential effects of supply chain due diligence legislation on pollution abatement efforts in the Indian textile industry.
Pursuing my interest in sustainable development, I naturally flowed into the MSc. Policy economics. It is fair to say that this programme further develops the skills needed to understand the “big questions” in the world. Thereby, giving me the opportunity to build a toolset that allows me to optimize the world and build a better future (for everyone)."

Commissioner of Development Economics

Gilles Van Cappellen

Gilles LOW RES.jpg

My name is Dennis, and I am the Commissioner of Social Affairs for AEclipse. I was born and raised in Brazil, where I did a Management bachelor. I'm an explorer, a dreamer, and fully dedicated to challenging myself to make the most of my career and community potential.
In 2018, I moved to The Netherlands to open doors for my future, which later allowed me to come to Rotterdam and pursue my Financial Economics master. That is when AEclipse crossed my path, and I found a way to explore part of those primary goals.
At AEclipse, I am the head of the Social Events Committee. Our mission relies on further creating a community among our students by organizing fun and unique activities, such as social gatherings, outdoor sports sessions, parties, board and committee bonding events, our annual city trip abroad, ‘AD Hoc events’ and more!
Taking part in this challenge has been an incredible opportunity for me to develop leadership and soft skills, get in touch with and learn from people with different backgrounds, and increase my networking.
I look forward to seeing our upcoming events taking form and the value creation in the lives of our students. See you there!

Commissioner of Social Affairs

Dennis Barrados

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