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Board Series #3: Meet our Treasurer, Tamarah!

Will you be a master's student the next academic year and do you want to complement your studies with an unforgettable experience? Are you interested in managing the finances of an organisation so that it can succeed in all its activities? Would you like to work together with ESE to help students write a better thesis? Then you should become the next Treasurer at AEclipse! Keep reading to find out more about the position and what a board year at AEclipse could look like for you!

AEclipse is opening its Board Recruitment for the next academic year 2022-2023. We have interviewed our Treasurer Tamarah so that you can get to know her and her role at AEclipse a bit better:

What are you responsible for at AEclipse? What is your role in the organisation?

Finances are a crucial part of any business’, or organization’s success. How you manage them can have very different outputs for your organisation. As treasurer at AEclipse, I take care of the accounting system, bank cards, and everything related to money management. Of course, this requires a lot of communication with the other Board members, as we need to discuss if their proposed plans and ideas are feasible within the budget. Overall, I make sure that the association is in a good financial position.

On top of that, I am responsible for the organisation of the ETP (Erasmus Thesis Project). The goal of this project is to provide guidance to bachelor students while they are writing their thesis and we do this via workshops and lectures. Moreover, there is a competition part through which the best three theses win a monetary prize.

Why AEclipse?

Compared to other associations, AEclipse is rather small and more “niche”, which makes it way more personal and challenging. For me, it was a logical step when starting a master's as you can meet new people while developing your skills and networking. The events that we organise are really cool and really help build a community and meet other people, which can sometimes be difficult just via university.

What are the benefits of a Board year at AEclipse?

At the end of the day, you’re kind of running an association as any other business would do. This gives you a lot of work experience, as everything is in your hands. As you have to make decisions constantly on your own, you develop a very nice set of skills that you would not acquire anywhere else. Learning about the financial status of an organisation is much different in the textbooks than what it is in reality. Sometimes, a nice inflow of money comes in that you did not expect. You have to think about how you want to allocate that money in the smartest way possible. But sometimes it is the other way around: your budget might not allow for all the ambitious plans that you and your fellow board members have. Handling these kinds of situations makes you learn the most. Also, you get a lot of connections with other people and the university, and it is a fun social experience for anyone out there.

How much time do you spend on your tasks?

I roughly spend around 6 hours a week between board meetings and other tasks. This is a great opportunity for anyone that wants to improve their skills and obtain work experience while still being able to meet all their deadlines at university.

Are there any requirements for someone that wants to apply for this position?

Naturally you should have an interest in the financial aspects of an organisation. However, any previous experience is not a strict requirement. This is a learning experience and most of the time you will encounter new stuff that you didn’t know how to do before. Whatever position you decide to apply for, you will also still learn a lot from the rest of your fellow board members, from their way of working and thinking, to the actions that they take to succeed in their position.

If you still have questions about what a Board year as a Treasurer at AEclipse looks like, you can book a chat with Tamarah via this webpage to have your questions answered before you formally apply! Do you see yourself as the next Treasurer at AEclipse after reading this interview? Then apply directly via our website and send us your CV via email. We look forward to meeting you!

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