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AEclipse is a proud partner of, one of the most popular websites for students looking for internships or graduate positions. is on a mission to change and improve how students and graduates start their careers. By being student-focussed, easy and personal, strives to make it straightforward for you to find your perfect job. Simply creating a profile will let you easily discover your perfect job or internship and jump-start your career.

You’ll directly see which graduate jobs, internships and companies you’re qualified for, and won’t see those that you’re not qualified for and/or not interested in. It’s easy to change your preferences and your location settings to explore different areas and different industries. will help you discover companies from startups to multinationals in all types of industries and of all sizes. From FMCG, law, to IT, and financial services, and from startups to multinationals. You’ll come across big names such as Google, Unilever and Nestle, as well as smaller companies you’ll have never heard of before.

By connecting with companies and liking jobs when you’re interested in them, you have all of the jobs and companies that you like in one place. On, it’s not just you that gets matched to jobs and companies, but companies also get to see students that match their opportunities.


Find something you like – or be found – join the revolution and rock the start of your career!

Create an account via this link: Join!

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