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AEclipse x ESE: 
Debate Workshop Cycle

Block 2

Communication is key to your career development. The ‘Debate Workshop Cycle’, a class co-organized by AEclipse and the Erasmus Debating Society, aims at improving your communication skills through the medium of debating. 

The 28-hour class is divided into 3 themes: Public Speaking, Argumentation, and Real-life Debating. Each topic will be covered in lectures before you will have the opportunity to put your skills into practice with various interactive workshops. Teaching will be done through a series of expert lecturers, and practice is done in tutorials with fellow students and qualified trainers. 


After completion, you will be conscious of the fundamentals of Public Speaking,  Argumentation, and Debating. Additionally, you will be able to connect this knowledge to real-world settings such as advocacy and negotiation. 


This course is part of the Career Skills programme. Be aware that you can do a maximum of two courses per academic year. 


More information can be found here: AEclipse/ESE Debate Workshop Cycle (FEB13912)


If you have any questions about the course please contact:

The sign up for this course is now closed. 

Please note that there is a limited amount of space for a maximum of 50 participants available, and that registration will be done first come first serve. This course is exclusively for bachelor students that need to take a Carreer Skills course. 

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