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ESE x AEclipse MentorMe

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"Mentors have been pivotal in my career by helping me gain the confidence to go for what I want, ask for help when needed, and see that the things I struggle with are not unique."

 - Lotte Straathof, Project Leader at BCG and member of the XVII board at AEclipse

Have you always wanted a mentor to stand by your side with advice on important decisions? Or would you simply like to exchange ideas and receive inspiration for your career from successful ESE alumni?


AEclipse is launching the program "ESE x AEclipse MentorMe" for (pre-)master students at ESE. You can choose from over 50 alumni (10 AEclipse alumni) in different interesting positions, arrange appointments with them directly, and get career-related advice from these experts. 

Through MentorMe, you can connect with alumni of your choice whose education, interests and career path closely match yours to gain direction and potential career goals and connections. As facilitators of personal and professional growth, alumni mentors can help you succeed by enhancing your employability through confidence building, networking, and developing a solid foundation of skills to launch a variety of successful careers. 
As a mentee, you can discuss study and career choices as well as challenges with your mentor, taking advantage of your mentor's experience in the industry. The mentors are ESE alumni who work in diverse industries, and 
​are eager to share their industry knowledge and expertise.


You can sign up here and start connecting with alumni directly!

Check out some of the AEclipse Alumni who participate as mentors:  

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