ESE MentorMe

MentorMe is organised by the Erasmus School of Economics and brings students and alumni together to help pave the way for students to succeed both at EUR and beyond. You can connect with alumni of your choice whose education, interests and career path closely matches yours to gain direction and potential career goals and connections. As facilitators of personal and professional growth, alumni mentors can help you succeed by
enhancing your employability through confidence building, networking and developing a solid foundation of skills to launch a variety of successful careers. 
As a mentee, you can discuss study and career choices and challenges with your mentor, taking advantage of your mentor's experience in the industry and of working with different functions in business and in international locations. The mentors are ESE alumni who: 

  • Work in diverse industries and have various backgrounds 

  • Have volunteered the mentor ESE students 

  • Are eager to share their industry knowledge and expertise 

In this 2-week pilot, you will: 

  • Explore how to identify your career needs 

  • Identify which mentor will best suit you 

  • Have your first consultation call with your mentor 

  • Discover how to use ESE MentorMe 

  • Provide feedback on your experience  

If you are interested in participating in the ESE MentorMe Pilot, sign up here
Please note that ESE only has a limited number of spots available for this pilot and will accommodate on a ‘first
come first served’ basis.

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