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the 25th board

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"Hi everyone! My name is Jan Potuzak and I am the President of the 25th board of AEclipse. I am 22 years old and originally come from the Czech Republic. Now I have grown to very much be a Rotterdammer, having studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam for a while now. I have graduated a Bachelor in Economics, while now I’m finishing up my Master in Strategic Management while pursuing the Master in Financial Economics at the same time. While doing that, I am also interning at DHL Supply Chain in Bonn, Germany.

After serving two lovely years as a member of the academic and marketing committees, I was happy to be elected as President of AEclipse for this academic year. It has so far been a unique, albeit challenging experience as we, just like everyone else, have to adapt to COVID, which entails transforming our event portfolio from physical events into online ones, while coming up with new ways to create social cohesion within the association in these trying times. My main role as president is to provide support to the board and coordinate within the organization. I do some of the organizational work, give speeches at events and develop the long-term policy of AEclipse.

While the position of President generally carries much of the responsibility, my amazing team of board members make it an incredibly pleasant experience as we have developed a robust support mechanism, which we are currently trying to implement also on the active member level, and later on also wise-scale."


Jan Potuzak


"Hi there! My name is Elise and I am the Vice-President and Secretary of AEclipse. Originally from Belgium, I recently moved to Rotterdam to start a master in Policy Economics at ESE, so I am new to the city but I can already say I am loving it!

I enjoy meeting and talking to many different people a lot, which is why I was very happy to join the board of AEclipse. It has been a wonderful challenge so far, and I am happy to help provide interesting activities and events to Economics master students, which hopefully contributes to their study experience. In the last few years, I had the chance to participate in many activities like those provided by AEclipse, and now I am excited to give back so that other students can benefit from this as well. 


My position basically consists of being the first point of contact with students and other associations, making sure that communication runs smoothly, and that our databases are up-to-date at all times! I also oversee the marketing of AEclipse, so  I try to make sure that all the great events my fellow board members organize can get the necessary exposure. In my free time, I enjoy doing anything social, all types of arts, scouting and volleyball.  

All in all, I am excited to see what is next for AEclipse and this amazing board and for all the adventures to come this year!"

Vice-president and secretary

Elise Abraham

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"Hey everyone! My name is Armands Paplavskis and I am the Treasurer in the 25th board of AEclipse. Originally from Latvia, I moved to Rotterdam 4 years ago to study economics. This year I continue this by obtaining masters in Data Science and Marketing Analytics at Erasmus School of Economics. In my free time, I like to run or play tennis, cook, learn languages or just hang out with my friends. 

Besides managing the money of the association and ensuring that we are in a stable financial position, I am also the supervisor of the Erasmus Thesis Project (ETP) committee where we help bachelor-3 students with their bachelor thesis. 

Why AEclipse? Despite being a relatively small association, we strive to make the best possible events for our members and create valuable opportunities for them. Furthermore, it allows me to develop my own skills, such as networking."


Armands Paplavskis

"My name is Dascha Llurba Breed and I am the commissioner of external affairs for the 25th board of AEclipse. I am half Spanish, half Dutch and doing my masters in International Economics. 

As the commissioner of external affairs I get to connect our students to professionals. I am looking forward to host many events this year that will inspire our students to start very interesting careers. Something that im passionate about is giving my fellow students the opportunity to do things they never thought possible and even though 2020 has proven to come with some challenges I know that the 25th board is still going to give it all we have got!"

Commissioner of External Affairs

Dascha Llurba Breed

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"My name is Idann Gidron and I am the Commissioner of Development Economics of the 25th board of AEclipse. I am 21 years old and come from an ethnically and religiously mixed family, as I enjoyed an upbringing combining Israeli and Belgian culture and Jewish and Christian values. Through this, I came to embrace multiculturalism, open-mindedness, and an international perspective on global challenges from a very young age.

I decided to lead the committee of Development Economics for a number of reasons. The main one is because it enables Economics students to realise how vast is the field they chose to master. More precisely, because this committee will help us understand how Economics can be used as a tool to contribute to the lives of those who are most in need. The second reason is that the International Research Project (IRP) – the core project of our committee – will help to open the eyes of all participants of the project towards a non-Western issue. In my opinion, to have an idea of the way things work outside of the West is a critical step for an apprentice economist. Lastly, I am enthusiastic to join this committee because it gives significant credit to scientific research.

But enough with the boring stuff. Above all, I hope this year will be a lot a fun for everyone in the AEclipse family."

Commissioner of Development Economics

Idann Gidron

"Hi there, my name is Amiya and I am the Commissioner of Internal Affairs. Originally from India, I moved to Rotterdam a year back for my Masters at Erasmus School of Economics. 

My decision to join the AEclipse Board as the Commissioner of Internal Affairs was due to my prior experience working as a committee member with AEclipse and the freedom to organise various events which were academic centric and beyond. It has given me a platform to develop my PR skills as well as helped me build connections in the academic circle. 

As the Commissioner of Internal affairs, I am in charge of organising our flagship event, the National Economic Olympiad along with the highly motivated academic committee members. Alongside NEO, we also organise guest lectures in the field of Policy and International Economics and social events which engage both student members and faculty."

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Amiya Kane

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