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National Economics Olympiad

April 19th 

About the National Economics Olympiad

The National Economics Olympiad (NEO) is an annual economics competition organized by AEclipse and the Royal Dutch Economic Association (KVS). NEO provides students with an opportunity to test their knowledge of economics, meet like-minded students from across the Netherlands and foster connections with academics and industry leaders. This year’s NEO will take place at Erasmus University Rotterdam on April 19th.

During the competition, students in teams of three are tasked with solving challenging questions set by professors from different Dutch institutions encompassing topics related to the varied branches of economics. The highest scoring team wins a prize of 300 EUR, the second place team 150 EUR, and the third - 75 EUR. There is a separate 75 EUR prize for the highest scoring team of Bachelor students. The day also includes workshops from industry participants and a keynote speech on a topical issue.

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