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Is the Minimum Wage an
Effective Policy?

With Professor Bas Jacobs

Friday, November 19th

The minimum wage is frequently discussed as a policy to reduce inequality and to help to protect workers against exploitation of firms. Many governments propose or have implemented minimum wage increases. Nevertheless, despite a vast amount of empirical research the minimum wage is still a contentious policy. Economists disagree about the employment and distributional effects and whether there would be better policies.


Join us with distinguished ESE Professor Bas Jacobs to discuss this exciting topic on November 19th at 16:00 in Mandeville T3-16.


The event will start with a quick overview of the subject by Professor Jacobs followed by a lead discussion that all participants will be able to join. Afterwards, there will be a casual drink at the on campus bar Café in de Smitse. 

There are no sign ups required and the event is open to all ESE students, so come and join us! 

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