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Economics of LGBTQ+ Inclusion 

November 10th

Social inclusion can have powerful impacts on the lives of LGBTQ+ people. To learn more about this topic, together with Erasmus Pride, we are hosting presentations on transgender happiness by Professor Ruut Veenhoven, and on same-sex marriage by Professor Shuai Chen. These will be followed by a moderated panel and a Q&A session with the audience.


Join us on November 10th at 16:00 in Theil CB-1 for this great event!


What it is about 


Recent research by Prof. Ruut Veenhoven suggests the happiness of transgender people is on average lower than among otherwise comparable cisgendered individuals. Interestingly, he has shown that “surgical sex-reassignment tends to be followed by a rise in happiness”. However, the effect of non-physical gender transitions is still largely unknown. 


Research by Prof. Shuai Chen shows that same-sex “partnerships that transformed into marriage had a substantially lower separation rate.” This shows the immense power of the symbolic effect of marriage in maintaining partnership when marriage can often mistakenly be seen as just a formalization.




  • Presentation by Prof. Ruut Veenhoven on their research on transgenderism

  • Presentation by Prof. Shuai Chen on their research on same-sex marriage

  • Panel discussion

  • Questions from the audience  


How to participate 


There is no need to sign up for this event, so do not hesitate to join us on November 10th at 16:00 in Theil CB-1!

If you cannot attend in person, there is also the possibility to participate via Zoom! Please click here to join the event online. 

This event is organized by AEclipse in collaboration with Erasmus Pride.


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