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ESE master take-off

Tuesday, September 5th

Welcome to AEclipse! We cannot wait to meet you at this year's official ESE master take-off on Tuesday, September 5th


About the master take-off

This year again, we are organizing our famous Crazy-50 game for you. After your program's introductory sessions, we will meet you in front of the food plaza on campus to provide you with everything you need to explore the city of Rotterdam with some of your colleagues. You get to know the city, meet some fellow students in your masters, and even earn some free drinks for the bar afterwards.

Policy Economics, International Economics, and Economics of Markets, Organizations and Economics of Sustainability

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Academic Kick-Off

Students in Policy Economics, International Economics, Economics of Markets and Organizations, Economics of Sustainability

Get-Started webinars organized by ESE followed by the official Kick-Off of your MSc specialization. For the exact time schedule, please keep an eye on the official ESE channels.

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AEclipse Kick-Off

Students in Policy Economics, International Economics
& Economics of Markets and Organizations

Explore Rotterdam in small teams with our famous Crazy 50 game. Complete as many different tasks around the city as possible to earn your team free drinks in a bar afterwards. We will meet in front of Food Plaza on campus.

*Please be aware that the plans may be subject to further changes so always keep an eye on our website and on our socials. 

How to take part in the master take-off

Taking part is easy - just  sign up via the form below!


We ask you to sign up for the master take-off such that we have a better overview on the number of students that will attend. Further, we can only recommend signing up as an AEclipse member for you to enjoy our perks in full. You can find more information below. 


We cannot wait to meet you on September 5th! 

Do you have a question about the take-off?

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