Witteveen lecture

AEclipse and Erasmus School of Economics are delighted to invite you for the first Witteveen lecture ‘There is No such Thing as a Free Lunch’. The lecture is held on Monday October 31st, from 15.30 – 19.00hrs at the ‘Senaatszaal’ (A1-32). It is a scientifically-driven lecture about Quantitative Easing, Fiscal policy and the State of the Economy.

Invitees of the lecture are high-profile academics and people from the public and political field. Next to that, interested students have the opportunity to attend the lecture and the drink afterwards as well!

Before the Witteveen lecture itself, Prof. Casper de Vries and Prof. Akos Valentinyi will provide the students with an introduction to the topic in room C2-2 from 14.30 until 15.15.

Note: Because of the high degree of interest and the limited space, there are no spots available amymore.

The keynote of the lecture will be given by Prof. Coen Teulings – currently a professor at the University of Cambridge and the former Director of the Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis (CPB). The namesake of this event is Prof. Johannes Witteveen, who has been the Minister of Finance in two Dutch Cabinets. From 1973-1979, Prof. Witteveen also held the honour of being the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Moreover, together with Prof. Jan Tinbergen they helped set the foundations for the CPB. He will be present (and participate) at the lecture.

The programme structure of the day is as follows:
• 14.30 – 15.15 Introduction lecture for students by Prof. Casper de Vries and Prof. Akos Valentinyi in room C2-2
• 15.30 – 16.00 Arrival of all the participants in room ‘Cum Laude’ (Underneath the Senaatszaal)
• 16.00 – 17.15 Witteveen Lecture in the Senaatszaal (A1-32)
• 17.15 – 18.15 After Drink in room ‘Cum Laude’