Secretary / Vice-President – Anastasia Cornovan

Being part of the 23rd board of AEclipse was a totally new experience for me. It is something you will not get during your studies: it is a lot of communication and many new discoveries about the life of the university.

At first it felt like a lot of work that is primarily a learning experience, but now I see that it is so much more than that. Being in the board will make it possible to really create something, adding value for the members of AEclipse. On top of this it is also a great way of making new friends.

The variety of roles I have within this position has enabled me to learn skills that I had not acquired by simply completing my bachelor and being in committees. A board year at AEclipse is the perfect way to experience what it is to lead a large entity on top of the knowledge that you gain from your studies.

As a Secretary and Vice-president, you are responsible for communication towards the members and other study associations, marketing materials and activities, and creating the digital AEclipse magazine ”AEconomic View”. You use Facebook, maintain the website, design and send out emails.

This means that you are basically involved with every event of AEclipse and you are the main contact person for the members. You can clearly see the difference you can make throughout the year. Also, you have a key role during board meetings, recording the important thoughts that are shared during the meeting. This makes you more closely involved in everything that is going on within the study association, which can also help you by discussing the long term plans of AEclipse together with the President. So you make sure that not just now everything runs smoothly, but you also help to improve Study Association AEclipse in the long term.

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Anastasia Cornovan

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