Thomas Piketty: Guest Lecture and Q&A

AEclipse welcomes the famous economist Thomas Piketty at the Erasmus University on the 18th of December, 2019. Piketty will deliver a lecture and answer questions on his new book Capital and Ideology from 13:15-14:30 in the Erasmus Aula.

Event Overview

Six years after his best seller book Capital in the 21st century, economist Thomas Piketty has expanded his work on wealth inequality. From Europe to India and from medieval times to the present day, he shows how inequality has evolved. In his latest book, Capital and Ideology, he adds a political analysis on the causes of inequality and the rise of populism. Furthermore, the book includes, some may say radical, proposals. For instance, ‘Inheritance for all’ would grant all French citizens 120.000 euros at the age of 25. Wealth taxes should go up to 90% for the richest people and no company shareholder may possess more than 10% of voting rights.

Clearly, on top of the state-of-the-art economic analysis, Piketty pushes a political agenda: ‘Participatory socialism’ as he calls it. While Capital and Ideology can serve as a manifesto for the European left, it faces criticism from political rivals. And though the grant scientific contribution of Piketty’s work is undisputed, economists question the rigorousness of parts of the analysis. What would be the effects of the proposals on the economy as a whole? 

In the lecture, Piketty will further elaborate on his recent work and us, the audience, will be able to ask burning questions.

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