the 24th board

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Sjors van Wickeren 



Ivona Koronthaly

Hi readers! My name is Sjors van Wickeren and I am the President of the 24th board of AEclipse. I am 24 years old and originally come from Alkmaar. Now I have grown to very much be a Rotterdammer, having studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam for a while now. I have graduated a Bachelor in Economics, a Bachelor in Law and a Master in Policy Economics. Now I am doing the Master in International and European Law. Besides, I have had the privilege to do internships in the Dutch Senate, policy research institute CPB and the European Parliament.

This academic year I was happy to be elected as President of AEclipse. To be part of the board this year has been an amazing experience next to my study obligations. I have been able to contribute to exciting social and professional events, as well as learn a lot from the work. My main role as president is to provide support to the board and coordinate within the organization. I do some of the organizational work, give speeches at events and develop the long-term policy of AEclipse.

While the position of President generally caries much of the responsibility, my amazing team of board members make it relatively care free! My decision to do a board year with AEclipse has been amongst one of the best in my student life. 

Hi there, my name is Ivona and I am the Vice-President and Secretary of AEclipse. Originally from Slovakia and raised in Belgium, I moved to Rotterdam for my studies 4 years ago. I am currently studying Financial Economics at ESE, and also work at the faculty as a teaching assistant.

I decided to join the board of AEclipse in order to help provide interesting activities and events to Economics master students, which hopefully contribute to their study experience. My position basically consists of being the first point of contact with students and other associations, making sure that communication runs smoothly, and that our databases are up-to-date at all times! I also chair the marketing committee which promotes our events.


In my free time, I enjoy watching movies, discovering new cities, or just hanging out with friends. 


Commissioner of Development Economics

Yanna in 't Veld

My name is Anass Melhaoui, currently I’m following the master Economics of Markets and Organisations (EMO) and at the same time I’m the Treasurer of Study Association AEclipse. In my spare time I like to watch movies and series. In addition, I like all kinds of sports. My favourite sports are football (no it’s not called soccer) and basketball.


I think as students it’s important that we try to keep developing ourselves and try to make an impact on others, whether this is at a study association or somewhere else. With that in mind I decided to do a board year this year.

What I really like about our association is that it is relatively small. This makes the experience personal and allows us to develop ourselves in an informal atmosphere. As Treasurer I’m mainly responsible for the finances. In addition, I’m in charge of organizing the Erasmus Thesis Project (ETP) where we help bachelor-3 students with their bachelor thesis. 

My name is Yanna in 't Veld and I am the Commissioner of Development Economics of the 24th board of AEclipse. In this role I am responsible for organising the International Research Project (IRP) of AEclipse.


This year, I organised for 20 students from the Erasmus School of Economics to conduct a research on the Aid and Trade polices by the Dutch government and other parties in Rwanda.


I chose to be a part of AEclipse as the study association focuses on a specific niche of economic students, namely master students in International Economics, Economics of Markets and Organisations and Policy Economics. Via inhouse days, research projects and  other events, AEclipse allows me to build a network and develop myself in these specific niches. 

Commissioner of External Activities
Abaïd Liaquat
Commissioner of Internal Affairs
Andreea Livadariu

My name is Abaïd Liaquat and this year I am the Commissioner of External Affairs of the 24th board of AEclipse. I am currently following the master Fiscal Economics.


My position means that I approach external companies to organize events for the students together. This brings students into contact with companies and gives them an immediate insight into how things are going in practice. This is also seen as a great time by the companies to promote themselves. I do this with a lot of passion because I want to help students by bridging the gap between theory and practice. This is also the main reason I decided to do a board year because I experienced first-hand what the impact is on students and their future plans. This year I had a big blast organizing the Brussels trip, in-house days, workshops and what I enjoyed a lot is the arguing with my fellow board members about biking and curly fries among other things.

As board member I got to meet a lot of new people, companies and by doing so I improved my communication, organizational and networking skills significantly. You might think this is quite a lot of work, but in my opinion all these things are possible in a part-time position! 

My name is Andreea and I am the Commissioner of Internal Affairs of AEclipse. I am a master student in Economics of Markets and Organisations at ESE and now in my second year as a board member of AEclipse.


The tasks of my board position include organising guest lectures, events for our students to meet the staff of the faculty, as well as organising one of the largest events of the year, the National Economics Olympiad.


This is all done with the help of the Academic Committee, a group of highly motivated students with plenty of ideas and ambition. 

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