Inhousedag Ministerie SZW

Inhousedag Ministerie van Sociale Zaken en Werkgelegenheid (SZW)

In-house day at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW)

On the 16th of January, AEclipse will have an inhouseday at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. During this day, you will get an impression of how it is to work as a policy economist at the ministry that makes policies for – inter alia – the labor market and for pensions funds. As a policy economist, you give advice on complex policy issues from an economic, political, budgetary perspective, while keeping the technical feasibility of the policy implementation in mind.

During the in-house day, you will work on a challenging case that gives you a good view of the ministry’s field of work, its versatility and working in a world where economy and politics meet. Sign up for the in-house day and sit for an afternoon at the control of the Dutch social security system!

(This activity is for Dutch speaking students only, we apologize for any inconvenience created!)

Event overview:

What? ——— Panel discussion
When?——— 8th of March, 2019
Where?——– CB-3, starting 16:00
Deadline for registration:    6th of March, 2019