Rabobank – Credt FI – Intern Assignments

Are you the one that detects the next financial crisis?

Do you want to know how Rabobank manages Credit Risk on Financial Institutions?

Would you like to walk into the next decade of data driven decision making with Rabobank?

Then join us at Rabobank! What will be your role?

Assignment 1:

Data Scientist: Expand our Early Warning Tool to help us detect Financial Institutions with a deteriorating risk profile. During the financial crisis many banks were hit due to doubts about their asset quality and liquidity positions. We would like to detect similar kind of situations as quickly as possible, so we can act accordingly. An Early Warning Tool should allows us to effectively monitor our portfolio of 1500 FI’s. You will be responsible for expanding our existing tool to include additional monitoring triggers to increase our scanning scope.

Assignment 2:

Credit Analyst: You will focus on credit risk management of Financial Institutions by analyzing their financials, their business model and tracking any adverse news. You will form your opinion about the associated credit risks and convey this through a credit advice. You will learn from your peers and grow in insights as your experience increases.

Who are we?

Rabobank: You probably already know that Rabobank is a financial services provider for more than 8.5 million customers in 40 countries. But did you know that we aim to contribute to real change with our ‘Growing a better world together’ mission?  We do so in countless ways, such as:

  • “We provide 500 million Euros in financing to the Dutch education sector annually because, after all, good education is the bedrock of tomorrow’s society.”
  • “Together with development banks, we’re investing 485 million Euros in emerging markets. In this way, we offer a helping hand to guarantee success in the future.” 

Our department Credit FI is responsible for the assessment and management of credit risk on all financial counterparties that Rabobank Group engages with worldwide – both for its own asset and liability management, as well as for its customers. The total portfolio of FIs is very diverse by type (bank, insurers, pension funds etc.) by size with different risk profiles.

Regarding modernisation we see that in line with the broader society, Rabobank is also moving towards more data driven way of working and decision making. A gradual shift is also being made within the Credit FI department. We have started to use an Early Warning System to detect potential crisis situations. This will need further expanding. We also have ambitions in portfolio management and automated decision making. You are welcome to help us transition to a more data driven reality.  

What are we looking for?

The following will come in useful when working at our department:

  • Analytical thinking. FI’s and especially banks are complex enterprises. There is not one metric that can capture their performance in just one number; there are a lot of gearing wheels that are intertwined. Therefore is important that you have a sense for big data, you are able to understand complex relations and make fair considerations.
  • Challenging mindset, pro-active and independent. Challenge is at the heart of Credit. We want you to be critical on what you see. We do not simply copy what we read elsewhere, but we want you to create your own objective view.
  • Interest in economic and political situation globally especially for the Credit Analyst role. It is of crucial importance that you stay up to date of economic and political development in a region or country. We read the FD, FT and other news platforms daily, and take action when necessary. We also frequently liaise with our colleagues from Country Risk Research to get an update on their view of political developments.
  • Affinity with Data processing tools and data driven development, especially for the Data Scientist role.

What do we offer?

  • Internship of 4 months for assignment 1 starting in Q3 or Q4 2019.
  • Internship of 4 months for assignment 2 starting in Q3 or Q4 2019.
  • Interns will be able to learn credit analysis skills that are key to the risk-taking-business of banks.
  • Possiblity to work with data analysis and reporting tooling. These types of tooling will increasingly become important in the workplace.
  • Getting familiar with the workings of a global financial institutions
  • Opportunity to gain valuable contacts in the banking sector
  • Moreover an internship compensation is also offered

Let’s meet!

Are you the person we’re looking for? Are you ready to join Rabobank as an intern for Credit FI? 

If topics like Global Financial Institutions risk management, data driven decision making and machine learning  energize you, do contact us when you are looking for your next opportunity! 

Contact details:

Roepesh Biharie – Credit FI Rabobank