The President – Andreea Livadariu

I first got in contact with AEclipse in my second year, during NEO, and then again in my third year of IBEB. The culture of the association and the people involved with it were very welcoming, and everyone had a similar mindset to my own, so it was a very easy decision for me to apply for a board year. It’s a decision I have not regretted one bit. The part-time nature of the board makes it quite doable to follow a Master during the board year, maybe even with another part-time job (as me and some other of my co-board members had).

Being the President of AEclipse granted me a wealth of experiences. It taught me how to lead an organisation and deal with unexpected situations, be decisive and interact with differing people. Lastly, it taught me to think about the bigger picture and have people rely on you in positions of responsibility, but also how to delegate and rely on people when needed.

As the President of AEclipse you do not only carry the final responsibility regarding the association, but also have a say in how AEclipse as a whole should be in your year and continue in future generations. You will also be in close contact with the university and other study associations. Besides all this, you will lead 5 other board members and organise a short Study trip with your committee. This year, the trip took place in Slovenia and organising it was a lot of fun!

I truly think this position is rewarding for anyone who likes to be a leader or who wishes to be challenged into a leadership position.

If this sounds like you, apply below!

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Andreea Livadariu

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