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Workshop with the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment

A few weeks ago, AEclipse hosted a workshop with the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (Ministerie van Sociale Zaken and Werkgelegenheid) of the Netherlands. A great opportunity to get insights into the work of an economist at the ministry!

On Febuary 17th, AEclipse organized a workshop together with the ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. After an introductory quiz on the ministry itself, the students were split into breakout rooms to work on a case. Afterwards the case was discussed plenary and lastly, and there was time to network with different employees.

The goal of the workshop was to give students an insight into the life of a policy economist at the ministry. The ministry manages the unique social insurance system in the Netherlands as well as the COVID-relief funds. As a policy economist you advise on complex policy issues whilst keeping in mind the economical, political, fiscal and practical feasibility.

The workshop was a great way to get to know the ministry which has the largest budget in the Dutch political system.

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