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Meet the board: Interview - Armands, treasurer

The XXVth board of AEclipse consists of six board members and is tasked with all kinds of strategic and operational responsibilities. Today, we interview our treasurer Armands, who will tell us a bit about who he is, his story and his responsibilities at AEclipse.

Who are you? Tell us a bit about you!

Hey! My name is Armands, I come from Latvia and I am 25 years old. Currently I am doing my masters in Data Science and Marketing Analytics, as well as working in the digital marketing agency DPDK here in Rotterdam.

Why did you apply for the board?

I’ve had board experiences when I was doing my bachelor. I used to be part of Eastern European Student Association (EESA) for two consecutive boards, in different positions. However, EESA is a cultural association with main goal to promote the cultures of Eastern European countries.

Last year I was quite distant from university life due to my internship, so this year I decided to take another challenge with taking a board year in more academic and career-related association in a new role for me, being a treasurer. I decided that this position will help me develop new skills that I haven’t worked on before.

What is your position within the board? What are your responsibilities?

As mentioned before, I am the treasurer in the board, which means I am the person responsible for all monetary matters and financial wellbeing of the association. I prepare the budget for the upcoming year in coordination with the other board members, keep track of inflows of money and our costs.

Besides arranging our financial stability, the treasurer is also responsible for legal matters in terms of applying to the chamber of commerce or requesting various things from the university.

But it’s not all too serious. Erasmus Thesis Project (ETP) is also the responsibility of the treasurer. ETP is a project that helps 3rd year bachelor students to write their thesis and gives a chance to win a monetary prize.

What was your favourite AEclipse event so far?

Unfortunately during these times there are no events happening in person. For me the most memorable events are the internal events with active members. Not too long ago we had a walk where we were discovering the city and had a drink together keeping distance. Hopefully the most memorable and favorite event is yet to come.

What do you like the most about being a board member?

I have two things that I consider equally important for me. First, I enjoy working on projects that help people to discover new career paths and future opportunities. Second, you meet amazing people that you can work together and become friends for years to come. Our occasional board drinks are always fun and lead to great memories.

What did you learn this year?

To critically think about things and be less impulsive. Budgeting requires looking at the bigger picture and analyzing whether things are reasonable. I believe this was the most important thing I’ve learned this year.

What would you tell someone who is considering applying for a board position?

GO FOR IT! Board year will teach you skills you can’t learn in class while working with other enthusiastic people. It’s always fun to be part of something bigger.

If you have any questions about the position of treasurer, don't hesitate to reach out to!

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