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The XXVth board of AEclipse consists of six board members who are tasked with all kinds of strategic and operational responsibilities. Today, we present to you our president Jan, who tells us a bit about who he is, his experiences and his responsibilities at AEclipse!

Hi everyone! My name is Jan Potuzak and I am the President of the 25th board of AEclipse. I am 22 years old and originally come from the Czech Republic. Now I have grown to very much be a Rotterdammer, having studied at Erasmus University Rotterdam for a while now. I have graduated a Bachelor in Economics, while now I’m finishing up my Master in Strategic Management while pursuing the Master in Financial Economics at the same time. While doing that, I am also interning at DHL Supply Chain in Bonn, Germany.

After serving two lovely years as a member of the academic and marketing committees, I was happy to be elected as President of AEclipse for this academic year. It has so far been a unique, albeit challenging experience as we, just like everyone else, have to adapt to COVID, which entails transforming our event portfolio from physical events into online ones, while coming up with new ways to create social cohesion within the association in these trying times. My main role as president is to provide support to the board and coordinate within the organization. I do some of the organizational work, give speeches at events and develop the long-term policy of AEclipse.

While the position of President generally caries much of the responsibility, my amazing team of board members make it an incredibly pleasant experience as we have developed a robust support mechanism, which we are currently trying to implement also on the active member level, and later on also wise-scale.

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