National Economics Olympiad

The NEO is a problem-solving competition for bachelor-3 and master students in Economics organized by AEclipse in cooperation with Erasmus School of Economics.

It’s our goal to connect talented academic students and provide them with an opportunity to show their talent. Professors and economists from many different Dutch institutions give their input for contest questions on various economic topics of their expertise. During the Olympiad, participants will solve a total of eight questions within three hours in teams of three, each of a different economic subject.

The best students will receive financial compensation and a winner’s certificate. First place team will receive 300 EUR, second place team 150 EUR and the third place team 75 EUR. After the Olympiad there will be a panel discussion with leading figures of the economic field.

How to participate?

The deadline for sign-up is on 28th of February. You can sign up by uploading your grade list and CV. We strongly encourage you to apply in a team of 3, but also individual applications will be considered! If you get selected as an individual we will match you with 2 other people to form a team. Don’t hesitate any longer, form a team and come and participate at NEO on the 8th of March 2019 in Rotterdam!

Apply for the National Economics Olympiad as an individual member here!

Apply for the National Economics Olympiad as a team here!