Master Kick-off Activity

At September 1, AEclipse organizes an introduction activity for the new master students Economics of Management and Organisation, International Economics and Policy Economics at the ESE. This activity is mandatory, but it will be a great opportunity to get to know the other students.

The program will start at 11h30 and the master students of the different programs are expected between 11h00 and 11h30 in different rooms:
– The students of the master program Economics Management and Organisation are expected in room C1-1.
– The students of the master program International Economics are expected in room C1-4.
– The students of the master program Policy Economics are expected in room C1-5.

We will start with a (free) lunch. After that you will be sent to a place in the city of Rotterdam.  This means that you will be outside most of the day, so keep that in mind. The day ends around 18h00 at Café Van Leeuwen, after some well-earned drinks.