XX Lustrum Prom

AEclipse celebrates its XXth year of existence and of course the (almost) end of the academic year! In February the legendary Lustrum Board Dinner took place, during which over 40 AEclipse board members from its XX years of history wined and dined and shared the most memorable stories with each other. However, the biggest celebration is yet to come… To make sure this milestone in EUR history will certainly not go unnoticed, we like to invite you all to our Lustrum/End-of-year Prom!

We will start of with a festive Lustrum dinner and consequently together conquer the dancing floors.
For only €20,- you get a dinner and unlimited drinks for the rest of the evening.
You are required to transfer this sum to AEclipse before the 5th of June to confirm your ticket.
Payment details can be found in the confirmation email.

Sign up now for the prom by filling out the form below.
We’re very much looking forward to seeing you all there!


The dAEtails

Location: Eetcafe ‘t Keerpunt, Rotterdam
Date & Time: June 16th, Starting at 19:00, ending at 2:00
Dress code: Cocktail/formal (a.k.a. ‘Prommy’)
Own Modest contribution: €20,- per person

Note that if you want to you can take a +1 to the prom!


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Name plus one (if applicable)
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