IRP 2019: Peru


This year the International Research Project is going to PERU! From the 1stof May until the 17thof May a group of 20 ambitious students are granted the opportunity to undertake hands-on field research in the capital of Peru, Lima on a very intriguing topic!

The International Research Project will focus on Venezuelan refugees in Peru, and the implications of their arrival on the Peruvian labour market. Initial to the field research we will perform 2 months of desk research. With the help of our partners, The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), Erasmus School of Economics and Banco Interamericano De Desarrollo, participating students get the opportunity to see for themselves what it’s like to perform research and formulate policy advice within the field of international development.

Peru has been one of the main recipients of Venezuelan refugees since economic and political unrest steered Venezuela in despair. The crisis began in 2014 and since then Peru has seen an upswing in the number of Venezuelan refugees arriving every day. Despite Peru’s efforts to ease the process of regularizing migratory status for Venezuelan refugees, in an attempt to give them quick access to work opportunities, many educated Venezuelan refugees still struggle to find a suitable job and end up in informal occupations. Based on our analysis, we will map the implications of this external shock on the Peruvian labor market and will link these to relevant policy recommendations.

Participation costs are 799€ including flights, weekend trips, accommodation, transport, breakfast and some dinners. You do not need a visa for staying in Peru, since Peru issues visas upon arrival. Please be aware that being part of the International Research Project means that you should be willing to invest approximately 7 hours per week into research meetings with the group.

The application deadline is over.  Thank you for your interest!