IRP 2021

The International Research Project is AEclipse’s flagship event. For 25 consecutive years, the project’s underlying goal has been to give a chance for students to apply their knowledge learned in class by investigating an issue in a developing country, and make an impact towards the greater social good. This year’s edition is no exception.

The Venezuelan exodus constitutes the largest mass migration of people that Latin America has ever seen. More than five million Venezuelans have fled economic, social, and political instability, straining the resources and patience of neighboring countries.

The IRP team partnered with HIAS in the attempt to help solving this crisis. HIAS is an NGO that provides a variety of programs to assist displaced people in their integration in a new homeland. The AEclipse research team works specifically with the NGO’s office in Aruba. The main goal of the study is to provide a thorough analysis of the island so that HIAS, in partnership with the UNHCR and ILO can adequately serve the estimated 16,000-17,000 Venezuelan refugees. 

Our team consists of 15 motivated and talented master students in the fields of economics, law, migration studies, and political science. The multidisciplinary aspect of the team is key for this research. In fact, our recommendations for the inclusion of Venezuelans in Aruba will ground on the opportunities found in labour market analyses, by considering the legal barriers they face and accounting for the island’s economic and political environment. 

Are you curious about what has been accomplished by the team so far? In the end of February, the team provided its research partner HIAS with a capacity assessment, in which they described the situation and profile of Venezuelan immigrants in Aruba and related this to the most present issues for labor and economic development. Check out the first few pages for an impression!

Applications for IRP 2021 are now closed. If you would like to receive more information on the project, send an email to The research is expected to greatly evolve between April and June, with among others, a possible field research trip to Aruba in the end of April. Follow the International Research Project on LinkedIn for regular updates!

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