Commissioner of Academic Affairs – Luis Garcia-Fuentes

As Commissioner of Academic Affairs, you will be in charge of providing students with a wide array of both academic activities and social events to provide a vibrant student life. For the academic side, you will be responsible to organize the National Economics Olympiad and guest lectures. The National Economics Olympiad is a national competition among economic students from across the Netherlands. This event includes a panel session. You will work along ESE to make this event possible. Your responsibility will be to lead the organization of this event for its 4th rendition. This event is very important to ESE.

You will also be responsible for hosting guest lectures. We hosted four guest lectures in the 2018-2019 academic year. We worked with representatives of the World Bank, the Dutch Central Bank, and the Gates Foundation. Guest lectures are to be conducted in a topic you think there will be demand for; as an example, we discussed the future of monetary policy, development economics at the World Bank, womenomics, and agricultural sustainability in developing nations.

This position is a great way to develop your leadership and organizational skills, as well as providing you with numerous opportunities to interact with the ESE professors quite closely and build connections.

Who is a good candidate?

Someone who is curious to learn about new interesting ideas and wants to interact with experts in their respective field. Someone who embraces challenges and wants to become more detail-oriented and a better leader. Ideally, the applicant already has some previous experience organizing student events.

Will you be the one that takes up the challenge and organise the social activities, and many more, for AEclipse? Apply now to be the Commissioner of Academic Activities in the 24th AEclipse Board!

Thinking of applying and have a few questions? Just drop me a message on Facebook or send an email to

Luis Garcia-Fuentes