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AEclipse goes Ice Skating

Wednesday, January 12

About the event

Take a break from your school work and go ice skating with friends! Join us to go ice skating at the Schaatsbaan Rotterdam on Wednesday, January 12th at 15:00


AEclipse will cover the cost of your entrance ticket (unless you are a member of Erasmus Sport or have a Rotterdampas which gives you free entry)! Bring your own ice skates if you have them; otherwise you will need to rent skates. 

How to participate

Unfortunately, the deadline to sign up has already passed. In case you signed up for this event, you will receive an email from us prior to the event with your time slot to enter at the Schaatsbaan.


Please note that we have a limited amount of entry passes with the time slot starting at 15:00. These will be assigned at a first-come-first-served basis. If you sign up later, it might be that you can only join us at a later time during the afternoon. Also students with a sports pass or a Rotterdampas need to sign up via the form below in order to receive a time slot to enter. This event is for members of AEclipse only.

This event can take place under the current Covid-19 regulations in the Netherlands. Please make sure you always only skate with one other person at a time. 


We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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