The Commissioner of External Affairs – Yasmine van der Straten

The Commissioner of External Affairs is a very challenging and rewarding position in the board of AEclipse. You are in charge of maintaining and building the contacts of AEclipse outside of university. This means you speak to representatives of companies and public institutions, researchers, members of preceding boards, boards of other universities and many more very interesting people. Often, you will also visit them at the place they are working, which gives you a unique insight in many organizations. As an External, it is your task to give the members of AEclipse the opportunity to develop professionally, academically and socially. Therefore, you are involved in all the main activities of AEclipse (ETP, IRP, NEO) and smaller ones (Brussels trip, Economist Day, Economist Week), because you are the connector of AEclipse with the world outside of university. This means you get to know a lot of people and will improve your communicational, organizational and networking skills significantly.

Besides the things described above the following things make a board year for AEclipse stand out for me:
1. You will work with an amazing team of 5 other board members, 25 active members and you will have your own committee!
2. As a board member, there is some freedom in deciding the direction of AEclipse. So, besides the core activities, you have the liberty to setup your own events or think of ways to make AEclipse even more valuable for its members.
3. You get the opportunity to get an inside view of many different companies and to get more insight into labour market opportunities.
4. In my bachelors, I developed myself academically, but I wanted to develop other skills as well this year. Looking back, i really improved my professional and social skills.
5. All these things are possible in a part-time position!

So, are you looking for a new experience? Do you want to improve your skills in building and maintaining contacts and do you want to meet new interesting people? Then apply for the position of Commissioner of External Affairs of the 25th board!

Aren’t you sure yet? I am open to tell you everything about how I experienced my year. Feel free to contact me at

Warm regards,

Yasmine van der Straten

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