Erasmus Studieverenigingen Debat

(This event will be held in Dutch)

On March 17, the Netherlands will elect a new parliament. Perhaps this is the first time you can vote in the House of Representatives! But which party represents you best?

Do you often click "neither" in the voting guide? Do you also not exactly know the difference between the CDA and the ChristenUnie? Then come to the Erasmus Studieverenigingen Debate on March 3 from 20:00 - 22:15! This is a unique collaboration of 9 EUR study associations, with no fewer than 9  Political parties as guests. These nine candidates in their 20s will show you that politicians are also simply human, and tell you more about how they want to work for students in The Hague.

As this concerns the next Dutch legislative elections, the event will be held in Dutch. Do you want to participate? Fill in the form below before the 28th of February at 23:59!*

Registration closed on the 28th of February.

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