The committee application period for 2021/22 starts on August 30st!

International Research Project Committee


Academic Committee

Contribute to developing countries!


As a member of this committee, you will help organize a 2-week trip to conduct research in a developing country. You will do things like:

  • take care of the entire planning process, such as the financials and logistics

  • influence the program of the trip and be responsible for its parts

  • undertake meaningful research in the area of policy/international economics

  • write up a report once the research is concluded

  • plan out fun social activities when not researching

We are looking for highly motivated students with an affinity for development economics and carrying out research, who are not afraid of taking on big responsibilities and enjoy working in an international environment.


The committee will approximately take 4-6 hours of your time per week.

Do you want to know more about the IRP or becoming a committee member? Reach out to our Development Economics Commissioner, who will be happy to answer your questions at

Work closely with academics and economists!

The Academic Committee is in charge of:

  • organizing regular guest lectures with esteemed speakers

  • planning other educational and business networking events

  • the National Economics Olympiad (NEO)

    • choosing a topic of the debate​

    • finding sponsors

    • keeping track of the budget

    • promoting the event together with the Marketing Committee

    • establishing contacts with academics and economists


The goal of NEO is to create a meeting point for talented university students and provide them an opportunity to prove themselves in an academic competition. 


The committee will take you approximately 2-4 hours a week.


Marketing Committee


Erasmus Thesis Project Committee

Explore your creative side!

As part of the Marketing Committee, you take care of:

  • the marketing of all kinds of events to students

  • keeping this website up-to-date

  • creating new designs and promotional materials

  • maintaining the presence of the association on social media

As such, the committee plays a key role in maintaining and further improving the brand image of the association.

The committee will take you approximately 3-5 hours a week. However, keep in mind that the workload varies throughout the year.

Help students achieve their best!

AEclipse organizes the Erasmus Thesis Project (ETP), the most prestigious thesis competition. In cooperation with the Department of Economics, we guide final-year bachelor students in the process of writing a good quality thesis. Eventually, the best thesis is rewarded with a monetary prize and the everlasting honor of writing the best Economics thesis of the year.

The project starts around April and ends in September. The committee members are responsible for:

  • promoting the project among students

  • contacting external parties

  • organizing the workshops, pub lectures, and the final ceremony in Rotterdam’s beautiful city hall.


The committee will take 1-3 hours per week.



City Trip Committee


External Committee

Are you a tourist or a traveler?

As part of the City Trip Committee, you will organize an annual city trip within Europe. You will be involved in:

  • deciding the destination of the 4-day long trip

  • planning out the logistics and working with a budget

  • coming up with a fun and exciting set of social activities during the trip 

This is a great opportunity for students to interact in a more relaxed environment, while also discovering new places and cultures.

The committee will take you approximately 2-3 hours a week.


Is networking in your blood? 

The External Committee takes care of:

  • setting up in-house days with big companies and public sector institutions

  • organizing other career-oriented events

  • getting in contact with a lot of interesting companies and organizations

  • building good relationships with staff at Erasmus University, as you collaborate on official recruitment events on campus


If you want to arrange company workshops, search for prominent speakers, and prepare in-house days, then this is the place to be! 


It will take you around 2-3 hours per week.


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