Recruiting committee members and AEconomic View contributors

We are currently recruiting active members to join two committees:

  • the Marketing Committee
  • the Erasmus Thesis Project Committee

In addition, we are looking for motivated volunteers willing to contribute to the content of our magazine, the AEconomic View.

More information about these committees, and the AEconomic View, can be found below.

Interested? Apply here!

Application deadline: 23rd of January

Marketing Committee

The Marketing committee will take care of the marketing of all kinds of events. Committee members create designs for the Website and the Facebook page of AEclipse. As such, they have an important role in the AEclipse Marketing Machine whose primary task this year is to maintain and further improve the brand image of AEclipse. Finally, this committee is responsible for our magazine: the AEconomic View. This magazine contains reports of the events we have had, as well as interviews with professors and students. You can read the last edition of the AEconomic View here. The committee will take you approximately 2-3 hours a week.

ETP Committee

This year, AEclipse organises the most prestigious thesis project of the Erasmus School of Economics:  the Erasmus Thesis Project (ETP). In cooperation with the Department of Economics we guide bachelor students in the process of writing a good quality thesis. Eventually, the best thesis will be rewarded with money and the everlasting honour of writing the best economic thesis of the year. The project starts around April and ends in September. For more information concerning the ETP check this page. The committee members are responsible for promoting the project among students, contacting external parties and organizing the workshops, pub lectures and the final ceremony in Rotterdam’s beautiful city hall. (Recruitment takes place halfway through the academic year) . The committee will approximately take 3-5 hours of your time per week.

Contribute to the AEconomic View

Aeclipse releases an edition of the Aeconomic View, our magazine, every year around June/July. We are currently looking for volunteers willing to contribute to the magazine’s content.

Do you have a professor that you find interesting and think his/her research deserves more exposure and you want to interview them? Do you want to write a report on one of Aeclipse’s many events (ex. the city trip)? Or do you have another idea in your mind that would look great on paper?

Don’t hesitate to apply and share your ideas!