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AEclipse Lustrum

Boat Party

Thursday, June 16th

Free drinks, live DJ performance, partying with your friends, all on a boat in Rotterdam…


About the event

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of AEclipse, we are organising a massive Lustrum party to commemorate the event. We have organized a 4 hour long boat party to properly celebrate AEclipse with you! 


The boat party will begin at 9.00 pm and we will depart from Boompjeskade 750 in Rotterdam. We will be back at the same dock around 1.00 am. On the boat, you can expect live performances from DJs and free beer/wine included with your tickets

Come dressed for a celebratory night - there is no official dress code, but in case need an indication, you can never go wrong with casual chic


How to participate 

The deadline to sign up has unfortunately passed. We are looking forward to seeing everyone who purchased a ticket on the boat!

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