Algemene Pensioen Groep (APG)

Working for the largest financial services provider in the area of pensions
APG is one of the largest providers of collective pensions in the world. APG provides pension fund administration, asset management, management support and communication services for pensionfunds. We administer over 30% of all collective pensions in the Netherlands. At APG, you will contribute towards providing good and affordable pensions.
At APG you can also contribute to developing supplemental financial products. And in the Asset Management Department, you arrive in the dynamic, international world of asset management. We manage more than 340 billion euro in pension assets. Sustainability and corporate social responsibility are permanent components in our investment strategy.
You will have 4,000 colleagues and state-of-the-art support
We do this with some 4,000 professionals from Heerlen (Head Office), Amsterdam, Brussels, New York and Hong Kong. And we do this with state-of-the-art automated systems that allow complex administrative and data streams to run safely and efficiently. As ICT employee at APG you will develop and build the architecture for this, often as an example for other large organizations.
What you do at APG is of societal importance
The societal importance, as well as the attention and influence from sector and employer organizations and politicians mean that your work at APG is often under a magnifying glass. Regular adaptations are made to pension legislation and regulations and these need to be implemented immediately in our products and services.
We offer you a sustainable working relationship
Our employment conditions package enables you to start work in a healthy way and with enjoyment. Our work culture is professional, international, socially-involved and focuses on both personal as well professional development. We offer a wide range of internal training courses, give a lot of space for initiative-taking and stimulate internal career growth. for more information
We have internships, traineeships and starter jobs for young talented professionals. You can find much more information about your opportunities at APG on and you should particularly visit events. We are looking forward to meeting you in person.