The Booksale for block 2 is now open!

As always, AEclipse is offering the cheapest books on campus for the masters’ students we are serving. However, buying the books works a bit different this time. You can order your books directly via the Studystore with a discount from AEclipse at…/2016/BL0…/Economics-and-Business.

For those who are studying International Economics, Policy Economics or Economics of Management and Organization, we offer the newest editions of the following books:
• Romer – Advanced Macroeconomics – €64,99
• Tadelis and Steven – Game Theory: An introduction – €47,30
• Banerjee – Poor economics: A radical rethinking of the way to fight global poverty – €13,99
• Belleflamme, Paul Peitz & Martin – Industrial Organization: Markets and Strategies – €44,05