The Business Cycle Tour

As tradition, each year AEclipse organizes the Business Cycle Tour to a country that is interesting because of its position in the world economy. The purpose of this trip is to become familiar with the local business culture and to make a comparison with your own culture. During the trip we will visit multiple local and foreign companies, from small businesses to large multinational corporations. We will also visit governmental organizations and (large) institutions. Interested in joining the BCT 2016 Committee? Here you can find more information about what committee work entails.

The BCT 2015 – 2016: Seoul

Asian economies have been a growth story since the end of the Great Recession. Notably exports, an indicator of overall economic health, have been strong following 2009. South Korea, and its capital, Seoul, is one of the examples of the success story.

With a metro population of over 25 million, Seoul is a dynamic, economic powerhouse. Home to several of world’s largest companies (for example, Samsung Electronics, LG, Kia and Hyundai Motors), this city does not sleep. The centuries-old capital of South Korea is Asia’s greatest overlooked pearl. Set in a mountain valley, the city has plenty of beautiful historical monuments, for example ancient temples.

But the city is much more than its tech-obsessed economy. Korean people are friendly, and are welcoming to foreigners. Their society is derived from Confucian principles, thereby emphasizing the importance of family and respect for others. These distinct customs create a bond of peace and trustworthiness among citizens and tourists. Their way of living is also reflected in the way that business is done.

From April 24th until May 4th, AEclipse took 20 people to Seoul during the Business Cycle Tour. The programme included a visit to the Dutch Embassy, the World Bank, Kotra, Invest Korea, Yonsei University, the Joint Security Area, both the Changdeokgung and the Gyeongbokgung Palaces and of course a visit to Octagon, the fifth best club in the world.



The BCT 2014 – 2015: Rio de Janeiro

In order to give you an indication of the study trip, the study trip of 2014 will be used as an example. In 2014 the BCT visited Brazil. A country that hosts two major sports events, the World Cup and the Olympics. From the 5th of May until the 15th, a group of twenty students visited Rio de Janeiro. In these ten days the students visited multiple companies and governmental institutions, discussed the opportunities and challenges the Brazilians currently face and also discussed the influence of the World Cup and the Olympics. A few weeks before departure, the Brazilian Embassy in The Hague kindly offered to discuss the do’s and don’ts in Brazil. Furthermore, the Brazilian Embassy also explained what the main differences are between Brazilian and Dutch people.
While in Rio de Janeiro the students did not only visit companies, but also explored the city. They had the opportunity to visit one of the world wonders, Christ the Redeemer. They also visited the Sugarloaf mountain, Copacabana and Maracanã stadium (where they also watched a soccer match). Furthermore, a trip to a pacified favela was organized and the students experienced how the majority of Rio’s citizens live like. This tour was quite insightful and once the climb to the top was made, the students were rewarded with a stunning view of the city.