Commissioner of Development Economics – Marina Pollehn

As the Commissioner of Developing Economics I mainly focus on one big task: Organizing the International Research Project. Every year, AEclipse takes 20 highly-motivated students to a developing country somewhere in the world – this year to Peru! The research project is consisting of two main parts: Several months of desk research and a 2 week field trip to the country of your choice; both are performed together with a partner organization that you get to contact and select (in my case the Inter-American Developing Bank) – a highly demanding but rewarding task.

My weekly workload amounts to approximately 12 hours a week and is one of the busiest board positions. While the beginning of the academic year starts relatively calm, some weeks might require 20 hours of work if you are about to close some contracts, book flights or apply for subsidies. It is therefore essential that you know how to schedule your time.

During the planning I mainly took care of the contact with the partner institution and the budgeting of the trip, which includes planning but also tracking your revenues and expenses. If you furthermore enjoy working with a group and delegating tasks, my position will be highly rewarding. You get to recruit your own committee of 5-6 students who will assist you with the logistics, research planning, acquisition and marketing of the trip, as well as organizing to symposia with interesting guest speakers to prepare your participants for the research and create awareness for research or problems in the field of development economics. Next to that, you will also be an essential part of the board and get to know your fellow master students through the various social and academic events of AEclipse.

Does organizing a trip and large research project sound like something for you? Do you enjoy delegating but also leading a team? Then my position will be something for you and you can become the next Commissioner of Development Economics in 2019/2020!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via or approach me for meeting over a cup of coffee.

Marina Pollehn

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