Board Recruitment 2019/2020

You will govern AEclipse for a year. Be responsible for everything that may cross your path and take all important decisions. You make sure AEclipse keeps on offering Master’s students the valuable extra dimension to their studies. Together with many active members, you will work hard to form committees, organize intercontinental trips, economic fora, the bachelor thesis contest and many other amazing events. Of course, you will be on board together with your fellow board members who, as our own experience has proven, will often become your best friends. You will learn to work together, to take the lead, to think long-term, to be creative and to stand your ground. Get to know (almost) everyone in three different Master’s specializations, get the experience of running an ambitious organization, lift up AEclipse to a new level by changing whatever you deem necessary.

Challenge yourself and get rewarded with unforgettable memories, essential skills, tons of new friends and more fun than you can possibly imagine. Board positions are part-time and will take you about 8-10 hours a week on average. In our experience, almost every board member is able to complete his or her Master’s in the same year.

All of the current board members are more than happy to meet you for a coffee to discuss everything you would like to know in detail. Do not hesitate to email your question to if you would like so or have any other question!

Apply below before July 7th, 23:59! 

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Commissioner of Internal Affairs