General Information on Nicaragua

The Republic of Nicaragua is a small developing country in Central America, bordering Costa Rica and Honduras. It is one of the poorest countries in the Americas; according to data from the world bank (2014) Nicaragua had 29.6% of its population living below the national poverty line. One of Nicaragua’s top exports is Coffee, making up $438 m of its total export value. It’s largest trading partner is the United States, followed by Mexico and Venezuela. Nicaragua’s capital and largest city is Managua, with approximately 1 million residents. It’s currency is the Nicaraguan córdoba and currently trades at approximately 1:32 (11/2016) with the Euro. Known as the land of Lakes and Volcanoes, the country also boasts 50 volcanoes – which are a popular tourist attraction.

IRP 2017 Information

This academic year’s IRP will take place from the 30th of March 2017 until the 14th of April 2017 – lasting 2 weeks. On the trip, students will get to know the culture, the people, companies, and institutions of Nicaragua, whilst conducting high level economic research. As part of the Trade and Growth seminar in block 4, participants will be permitted to join the trip while writing their course papers for the seminar. The goal of the trip is to combine ground-level knowledge and experience with theoretical knowledge in an interactive and exciting environment. Students are expected to complete the papers back in Rotterdam using their IRP experiences to supplement the quality of their work which will make up a substantive amount of their final seminar grade.

More information on the Seminar

Note that while it is highly preferable that participants apply for the Seminar Trade and Growth in block 4, this is not a mandatory requirement. Ultimately, if you were to choose a different seminar it is still possible for you to join, provided that you are permitted to do so by your professor. Furthermore, any seminar classes missed by participants while on the trip will not be crucial for the seminar.

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Costs and Payment

The trip will cost €799 inclusive of the flight, hostels, transportation, particular activities, and the occasional group dinner. The amount will be deducted in the month of January, preceded by a notification of the deduction. Students are advised to bring at least €150 for other expenses, as well as for emergencies. Finally, take in account that other costs such as Visa fees and vaccinations may apply – more information on these details will follow.


The application form for IRP 2017 is now closed