International Research Project (IRP)

What is the IRP?

AEclipse’s International Research Project is a prestigious and exciting project, in which a group of excellent and motivated students investigates the economic developments of a country of interest. The IRP represents a unique mix of social, academic and professional activities all packed in a two week study trip. As such, it represents the ultimate opportunity to bring all your acquired economic knowledge into practice by applying learned theories to practical situations. The beauty of the project lies in the unification of academic research done in Rotterdam and on-the-ground experiences from local experts, academia and businesses at the destination.

What does the IRP consist of?

Each year, around 20 students set out to a developing country visiting companies and famous cultural sights, and – of course – to collect data for their research. Starting January, the participants begin their economic research on the selected country. Up to the departure several months later, the IRP committee hosts various activities, including symposia, guest lectures and company visits which are all linked to that particular country. The trip itself is of course the highlight of the IRP and consists of a two-week long visit to one or more cities in the chosen country. The students will get to know the culture, the people, companies, institutions and conduct high level economic research on-site. Back in Rotterdam, they will finalize the papers and present the research in a final symposium. Students that will follow the seminar Trade & Growth (International Economics – Block 4) are able to integrate their IRP research into their research paper of the seminar, so that their IRP research will actually yield a substantive amount of their Seminar grade. Not following this seminar? You might still be able to join! Get in touch with us to discuss the possibilities.

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IRP 2016: Colombia

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IRP 2015: Peru

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