International Research Project Committee

In the fourth block of the academic year, AEclipse’ yearly International Research Project will take place. This year the destination of the trip is Nicaragua. For more information about this project, check this page. Committee members are involved in the organization of this project as a part of the IRP 2016 committee. They have true responsibility and influence in every step of the planning process, from the destination decision to the financial and logistical aspects of the trip.

The IRP Committee 2016/2017 consists of the following six members (from left to right): Niclas Gottmann, Mehvash Khan, Jose Tuaño, Fify Zhang, Joris Moerenhout, and Rhiona Pikeur.

Business Cycle Tour Committee

The Business Cycle Tour is yearly organized by AEclipse. Every year around April/May, an airplane filled with twenty students will leave to a far foreign country. These students will explore a whole new world and experience something like never before. This year, we will visit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. For more information pertaining the Business Cycle Tour, check this page.

However, to organize this amazing trip, a committee needs to be created. Our Commissioner of Business activities needs the help of the BCT committee to make sure that the BCT again turns out to be a great success! The BCT committee chooses a destination and arranges the tickets and overnight stay(s). They are responsible for designing a programme for the trip. This includes both cultural activities as well as visiting companies at the destinations. Furthermore, promotion and selecting candidates for the trip is also one of the responsibilities. Lastly, the BCT committee is responsible for finding sponsors and budgeting the costs.

The BCT Committee 2016/2017 consists of the following five members (from left to right): Rujia Wang, Richard Hitzemann, Amar Soebhag, Wouter Hollenberg and Anna Tsotra.

National Economics Olympiad Committee

The Economists Day is a day that consists of career activities and an economic debate. Usually in the morning presentations and workshops of different companies, governmental bodies and coaches are being held. In the afternoon there will be a debate between several well-known Dutch economists. It is the task of the committee to establish the contacts with these participating organizations and economists.  Moreover, the committee has to decide on a topic for the economic debate, the location, find sponsors, keep track of the budget, promote the event and select the participants. For more information about the Economists Day, check this page.

Furthermore, the first National Economics Olympiad will be held here at the Erasmus University. A national event that brings the brightest students in economics together. For more information about this Olympiad, check this website. The NEO Committee will be responsible for organizing this national event. The Erasmus School of Economics has decided to be the main sponsor for this event.

The NEO Committee 2016/2017 consists of the following five members (from left to right): Laura Pieters, Kashif Akmal, Marsha Autar, Arber Demaj and Anastasia Sarantou.

Marketing Committee

This year AEclipse started a brand new committee: The Marketing committee. This committee will take care of all of the marketing of all kinds of events. Committee members create designs for the Website and the Facebook page of AEclipse. As such, they have an important role in the AEclipse Marketing Machine whose primary task this year is to improve the brand image of AEclipse. Finally, this committee is responsible for our magazine called the AEconomic View. This magazine comes out around 3 to 4 times a year and contains reports of the events and interviews with professors and students. You can read the first edition of the AEconomic View here.

The Marketing Committee 2016/2017 consists of the following five members (from left to right): Ratna Kuswardani, Niels Aanen, Jesse Fokkinga and Francesca Prata.

ETP Committee

Also this year AEclipse organises the most prestigious thesis project of the Erasmus School of Economics:  the Erasmus Thesis Project (ETP). In cooperation with the Department of Economics we guide bachelor students in the process of writing a good quality thesis. Eventually, the best thesis will be rewarded with money and the everlasting honour of writing the best economic thesis of the year. The project starts around April and ends in September. For more information concerning the ETP check this page. The committee members are responsible for promoting the project among students, contacting external parties and organizing the workshops, pub lectures and the final ceremony in Rotterdam’s beautiful city hall.